Sunday, November 22, 2009


Greece is known to be the perfect wedding destination or honeymoon because it is a lovely and romantic place. The beautiful greek beaches offers the tourists a perfect place to relax under the sun. There are many beaches you can chose from because Greece has 6,000 islands and every single one of them is beautiful. Another great reason to go to Greece is it's culture. Greek culture is very interesting and full of the most famous myths today. Cities like Athens, Thessaloniki, Delphi, Crete or Santorini offers many famous archeological sites such as the gods temples. Wherever you go, there is always something ancient to visit, learn, and take pictures. Many of these places where used as a scene in a movie, so it is very interesting to visit these worldwide famous sites. Food is definitely one of the many reasons to visit Greece. Fish, gyros, greek salad and feta cheese are only some of the traditional healthy greek cuisine. Entertainment is also provided in Greece, such as sailing in the Mediterranean, windsurfing, biking, and etc. Greece is a calm place to relax or have a romantic vacation. I'd probably want to go to Greece further on. It looks like a perfect place to visit.

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Saturday, November 14, 2009


Cancun, Mexico has transformed itself from a deserted strip of sand into one of the best vacation destinations of the world; it is considered to be Mexico's jewel. Although I have not been to Cancun yet, I know of many people who have and they all thought it was beautiful. The first reason to visit Cancun is probably the beaches. It is a 17 km long silver, white beach that is fully open and accessible to the public; a perfect place to relax. Mexico is also known for its spicy yet delicious foods such as the famous tacos. In Cancun, it is proved that you won't be spending a day without having good food. There are many variations besides mexican food for those who are not able to eat mexican food. In Cancun, you can also have one of the best shopping experiences in places such as the Kukultan Plaza, which is a 60,000 square meter space full of shops. Along the cost, the entire 17 km is filled with the best resorts that offers the tourists the best. It is known to have the best resorts that you won't even want to get out of it. Although inside the resort is great, one has to get out to visit the famous ruins. Cancun is surrounded by Mayan temples that are almost 2000 years old. You will be able to see the wonderful constructions of those who lived long before us.
Cancun is definitely another place I desperately want to go because of all of its great rumors. Many friends have gone to Cancun and they all said that they had the time of their lives. From the rumors and information I got, Cancun really seems like a perfect vacation destination.

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Friday, November 6, 2009


Florianopolis, the capitol of Santa Catarina in Brazil is an exotic vacation destination. It is actually a tropical island that is connected to the continent by a famous bridge. Florianopolis (a.k.a Floripa) is also known for its beautiful beaches. In total, there are 42 different spotless beaches with golden sand and blue waters. From personal experience, I warn everybody to use a lot of sunblock because the sun is very strong and I suffered from sunburns. Don't forget to stay long enough in the beach to watch the sunset because it is simply perfect and a great time to relax. For all of those who are fans of sea food, Floripa is heaven on earth. Floripa is known to have the best sea foods such as fish, oysters, shrimps, crabs, lobsters, etc. Even though I am not a very big fan of seafood like my parents, I just couldn't stop eating. I'd never eaten such good seafoods in my life. All the adrenaline filled activities may not be good to go right after eating so much but they are sure very exciting! These activities include parachuting, surfing, and etc. Floripa matches everybody's taste and style, from great hotels to fun activities.
Florianopolis is a very calm and safe city, so all of you looking for a place to relax and get a good tan, I assure you that this is the right place. Florpa will certainly reach all your expectations and create a remarkable experience, at least it did for me.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Nassau / Paradise Island

Nassau or Paradise Island in Bahamas as the name already says, it is paradise on earth. It is just the right place to relax, get the perfect tan and 24 hours of pure entertainment. Nassau provides a safe environment so you can relax on the beach without the worry. The only protection you'll need in Nassau is against the sun. There are a wide variety of lodging options in Nassau. It is known to have the most beautiful, luxurious and pleasing hotels and resorts for the relaxation of all tourists. Although it might get pricy, a pleasurable stay is guaranteed. One of the best-
known resorts is called the Atlantis, which occupies almost all the island. The resort has everything you can imagine from swimming with the dolphins to great spa. Entertainment is certainly that won't lack during your stay in Nassau both in water or in land. You can enjoy the beach, go snorkeling, boat rides, dives, visit museum, eat at the best restaurants, go shopping and etc. It has entertainment for every type of person, everyone will be able to find something he or she enjoys because entertainment there is not limited.
Unfortunately, I still didn't have the chance to go there but Marina Grasso have been there last vacation and she said, "ts warming citizens take you in kindly to explore the beauty they treasure". She was accommodated in the infamous resort Atlantis and she had a great time there . Marina and all others who've been there is so lucky because this place is so perfect that it does not seem real. I am in the process of convincing my parents to go there myself!

* picture by Marina Graso

Sunday, October 18, 2009


Orlando, Florida is certainly one of the most exciting and entertaining cities of the world. It is what keeps bringing millions of tourists everyday and all of them leaving with a smile on the face, I was one of this million. When I think of Orlando, the first thing that I think of is all the theme amusement parks. The most famous, Disney, is probably the attraction that most holds tourists per year. There are many parks to chose from such as, Epcot, MGM Studios, Animal Kingdom, and Magic Kingdom, all of are very unique and fun. The parks are so big that you have to spend the whole day in order to ride all of the rides the park provides and to watch the beautiful and awing shows. Although the tiredness on the end of the day is extreme, it is all worth it. There are other parks as well such as Universal Studios, Bush Gardens and Sea World. I loved each and every one of them. Orlando is a place full of parks but also lots of shopping to do. Orlando is full of outlet malls where things are much cheaper but still there are many things. Eating is very entertaining as well, besides the food being good, the environment you eat in is very fun and unique. I think I never had so much fun eating. Basically everything you do in Disney is entertaining, fun, and unique, there is nothing that does not please the tourists that visit Orlando. Don't forget to see the famous Cinderella Castle and go in all the rides, especially the roller coasters!!!!

Friday, October 9, 2009


Barcelona, Spain is another city worth visiting. Like other European cities, Barcelona is also known to have beautiful and mesmerizing historic architectures. You can explore the historic city and see some original buildings in places such as Sagrada Familia and Casa Batllo. Barcelona is a city full of action and there is no shortage in entertainment for all ages. Weather in Barcelona is months of sunshine so it is almost 100% chance that you'll be able to enjoy the beautiful golden beaches of Barcelona. Another thing you should do is watch a Barcelona game at the stadium, watching the game on the tv and live is totally different especially if it is one of the best teams in the world. Museums are another reason to visit Barcelona. It offers the best museums such as the Palau de la Musica and the Museu Picasso. Trust me, they will surprise you. Have you ever heard about paellas or tapas? Well, they are both very good dishes from Barcelona and you can have it everyday there. The gastronomy in Spain is considered to be delicious, and I was proved right. What couldn't miss is the shopping that everyone enjoys, there are many shopping areas from which you can chose from.
Barcelona is a great city and I think you'd enjoy it too. As the other european cities, it is a city you MUST visit.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, the heart of Argentina, is one of the most popular destination in Latin America.
It is famous for its cultural and architectural heritage, shopping, food and of course, tango. You can see the cultural and architectural heritage in old neighborhoods such as San Telmo with its cobblestone streets and don't forget the brightly colored spot called La Boca, which is a memorabilia. It is where all old town houses were transformed into memorabilia stores, and there is something fun to buy in every store you go. I had lots of fun in La Boca, because it was so unique, colorful and full of life. For those who are veggies, Buenos Aires is not a very good place to visit because it is considered to have the best beef in the world. The beef are DELICIOUS, I personally thought Buenos Aires' beefs were fascinating although Brazil's beefs are good as well. To go with the beef, Buenos Aires is also known to have one of the best wines because it is the fifth largest wine producer in the world. Tango is the perfect exercise to get rid of everything you ate. Buenos Aires is the home of the beautiful, complicated and interesting dance called Tango. For all of you interested in learning how to dance, Buenos Aires offers several places where tourists can learn the basics of tango. But there is also presentations you can watch if you are not much of a dancer. I think the dance tango is very different and beautiful but too complicated, which is why I didn't even dare to try. A place that you should definitely visit when you are in Buenos Aires is the Iguazu Falls, one of the worlds natural wonders. The endless waterfall is located on the border of Argentina and Brazil, so you can actually see people from Brazil in Argentina. I thought that was so fun, it was interesting how two distinct countries met in one place. It is also the same fall featured in one of the Bond movies for being so big and wonderful. DON'T forget to go on a boat ride right underneath the waterfall!! You're going to get soaked but it's worth it!
There is something for everyone to enjoy, whether it is exploring, eating or dancing. I thought it was a very entertaining country and many other people enjoyed it too.

Friday, September 25, 2009


Miami is a popular tourist destination which is known for its warm climate, beautiful beaches, and diversity. So if you are a person who likes warm weather and spent time in the beach, Miami is one of the places you should definitely go. Miami offers you warm days and nights to enjoy 24 hours of your stay in Miami. The sunny and warm weather makes the beaches even better to enjoy, which draws the attention of millions of tourists. Who wouldn't want to enjoy miles of white sand beaches with turquoise waters? I know I would, and I simply loved it. The South Beach, which is the most famous one, is beautiful and very calm. It is a perfect place to spend a sunny day. Just don't forget to take your sunblocks and don't forget to use them! Miami has a diverse mix of neighborhoods, which are rich in culture and tradition. One place where you can see this diversity is in Little Havana that is a Cuban Latin neighborhood. Every street and buildings are unique. Obviously, Miami also offers premium shopping locations such as Aventura Mall, Coco Walk, Bell Harbor Mall and etc. It is as if Miami was a city made to shop, containing everything from the finest designer shops, it makes a perfect place for all of those who loves to shop. Miami is also known for having an exciting night life, but unfortunately, people of my age will have to wait a little longer. =] But for those who are old enough, can certainly have a great time at night and Miami's skyline at night is b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l!
From spotless beaches to premium malls, Miami offers all the entertainment for a perfect visit. I loved Miami, it's definitely a place that has everything that I love. Miami is a place that everybody has to see and enjoy the most of everything Miami has to offer.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro, the second largest city in Brazil, is most certainly a city that must go on the list. Most films such as Tropa do Elite shows only the violent and negative side of Rio de Janeiro (which is concentrated on favelas and not everywhere) and does not show its true beauty. It is probably most famous for its natural setting; the beaches such as Copacabana and Ipanema. Rio de Janeiro's beaches are probably the most beautiful of the world and awes all of those who visits these perfect beaches. Some famous landmarks in Rio are: the 'Cristo Redentor', which is located on the top of the Corcovado Mountain and is one of the seven wonders of the world, and the 'Pão-de-Açucar, which is a mountain and there is a cable car you can go in. The carnival celebrations are also very famous in Rio de Janeiro. It is a huge celebrations with lots of music, dancing, parades and fun. The ethnic diversity in Rio gives the tourist various types of restaurants to chose from especially portuguese, japanese and italian.
This is a great city and I am grateful that it is in the same country that I live in, which gives me more opportunities to go back. Rio de Janeiro's landscape is beautiful, especially the beaches. Everybody should go to Rio de Janeiro once in their lives to know exactly the kind of beauty I am talking about. Don't worry, you won't get shot walking down the street, just stay away from the favelas! =]

Friday, September 11, 2009

New York

New York or the Big Apple is with no doubt a must-see city. There is something about this city that cannot be captured in pictures or described in words, you have to experience it. This gigantic city has many things to offer that will assure the entertainment of all of those who visits this city. Like any other great cities, there are many entertaining places to visit such as the Statue of Liberty. Make sure to go to the top of the Empire State Building to see the amazing sight, go to Time Square preferably at night, skate at the Rock feller center, visit the American Museum of National History, visit Central Park and don't forget to watch the famous broadway shows in New York. From my experience, I had lots of fun in all of these places and I am sure everybody else would have a great time too. For all of those who enjoy shopping, New York is definitely the right place to go for it is a shopping paradise. Malls, shops, boutiques are everywhere but the most famous street is the Fifth Avenue. In this street, you can find every shop you desire and a day in this avenue flies by. For all of those who are seeking entertainment during the vacation, New York should probably be in your list.
New York, the city that never sleeps, is certainly a very agitated city but I simply love it. I think I'll never get bored of this gigantic city.

Thursday, September 3, 2009


A city that certainly cannot be left out is London. The capital of England is wonderful city where individuals of all ages have millions of things to do and is able to enjoy themselves. Attractions are one reason you should visit London, some of the must-see attractions are Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge, St. Paul's Cathedral and the Big Ben. Each with a beauty of their own. If London had a mascot, it would certainly be the guards with the big furry hats and red uniforms, so you should not miss is the Changing of the Guard in the Buckingham Palace. If is entertaining to watch them play the instruments and march as they change guards. When I went there, they played Mamma Mia and Thriller, it was amazing. London is also well known for the many parks, the fresh air and nature. It is a place where you can relax under a big tree breathing fresh air, and is not like other big polluted cities. Other things you shouldn't miss is the tour on the big, double-deck, red buses through the beautiful city of London, a ride in the London Eye and London Dungeon. It is an extremely calm city yet full of entertainment and fun. In London, there are 40,000 shops and 83 mains street markets to choose from, definitely good news to people to enjoys shopping. Harrods is world-famous department store and it is gigantic inside. Foods are also delicious, don't forget to try the traditional british fish 'n' chips and the breakfasts are the BEST!
London is definitely a city you feel comfortable and at home. It is calm, clean, full of nice people, foods, and entertainment. I will surely go back to visit London as soon as I can.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


The capital of France, Paris, is without question one of the top 10 places to visit. Paris is simply beautiful, and its beauty can be found in every place you go. Paris is the place most famous and beautiful architecture is found such as the world famous Eiffel Tower by the Seine River. Other amazing architectures located in Paris are the Notre Dame and the Arc of Triomphe. Every detail of these 3 architectures are flawless. For art lovers, Paris becomes the haven because of the many museums and galleries. The most famous museum is the Louvre, where you can find the famous Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci. Louvre is so big that 1 or 2 hours is not enough to see all the paintings, by doing a complete tour in Louvre you have done enough exercise for the day. At least I got very tired after so much walking. But to compensate all the walking, great food and drinks are available. French cuisine is unique for the delicious food that is served to perfection. France is also very famous for their wine and other drinks. There are a huge choice of restaurants and cafes to pick from. One thing I really loved was the macarons, which are french sweets. They come in various flavors, and all of them are simply delicous! Another reason to visit Paris is because you can have a glimpse of the past by visiting historical places like the Palace of Versailles, which is absolutely wonderful. Shopping and entertainment is something that can't be left out. Champs-Elysee is a great place to go shopping without spending so much. Paris is so much fun, I wish I could go back. I can't think of anyone that wouldn't enjoy Paris.

Friday, August 21, 2009


Rome, the capital of Italy, is probably one of the most popular and beautiful place to visit. Also known as the "Eternal City", Rome has incredible antique arquitecture, mouth-watering foods and drinks, amazing art and shopping. From my experience, it is impossible get bored in Rome because there are so many places to visit and foods to eat. Top places you should visit in Rome are the Vatican, Colosseum, Pantheon, all the beautiful fountains and squares such as the Trevi Fountain, and all other arquitectures not mentioned. They are all unique and extraordinary in thier own way, even the buildings that are not famous or important are stunning. When you say Rome, pasta and pizzas are probably one of the first things that come to your mind. You can taste the true italian food in Rome and they are with no doubt, delicious. There are so many types of pizzas and pastas that you take about 20 minutes only reading through the menu. I've spent 6 days in Rome and didn't get the chance to taste them all. The arts in Rome are breathtaking, every museum you go there are different types of art. The most famous museum is the Vaticans Museum. I think this reason is mostly for girls, but shopping in Rome is the best! You can just walk through one long street (Via del Corso) and you find all the stores you can imagine.
You could live your whole life in Rome, and not a day in your life you'd have nothing to do. If I had to describe Rome in one word it would be PERFECT! Rome is certainly a city you must visit before you die.