Sunday, November 22, 2009


Greece is known to be the perfect wedding destination or honeymoon because it is a lovely and romantic place. The beautiful greek beaches offers the tourists a perfect place to relax under the sun. There are many beaches you can chose from because Greece has 6,000 islands and every single one of them is beautiful. Another great reason to go to Greece is it's culture. Greek culture is very interesting and full of the most famous myths today. Cities like Athens, Thessaloniki, Delphi, Crete or Santorini offers many famous archeological sites such as the gods temples. Wherever you go, there is always something ancient to visit, learn, and take pictures. Many of these places where used as a scene in a movie, so it is very interesting to visit these worldwide famous sites. Food is definitely one of the many reasons to visit Greece. Fish, gyros, greek salad and feta cheese are only some of the traditional healthy greek cuisine. Entertainment is also provided in Greece, such as sailing in the Mediterranean, windsurfing, biking, and etc. Greece is a calm place to relax or have a romantic vacation. I'd probably want to go to Greece further on. It looks like a perfect place to visit.

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Saturday, November 14, 2009


Cancun, Mexico has transformed itself from a deserted strip of sand into one of the best vacation destinations of the world; it is considered to be Mexico's jewel. Although I have not been to Cancun yet, I know of many people who have and they all thought it was beautiful. The first reason to visit Cancun is probably the beaches. It is a 17 km long silver, white beach that is fully open and accessible to the public; a perfect place to relax. Mexico is also known for its spicy yet delicious foods such as the famous tacos. In Cancun, it is proved that you won't be spending a day without having good food. There are many variations besides mexican food for those who are not able to eat mexican food. In Cancun, you can also have one of the best shopping experiences in places such as the Kukultan Plaza, which is a 60,000 square meter space full of shops. Along the cost, the entire 17 km is filled with the best resorts that offers the tourists the best. It is known to have the best resorts that you won't even want to get out of it. Although inside the resort is great, one has to get out to visit the famous ruins. Cancun is surrounded by Mayan temples that are almost 2000 years old. You will be able to see the wonderful constructions of those who lived long before us.
Cancun is definitely another place I desperately want to go because of all of its great rumors. Many friends have gone to Cancun and they all said that they had the time of their lives. From the rumors and information I got, Cancun really seems like a perfect vacation destination.

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Friday, November 6, 2009


Florianopolis, the capitol of Santa Catarina in Brazil is an exotic vacation destination. It is actually a tropical island that is connected to the continent by a famous bridge. Florianopolis (a.k.a Floripa) is also known for its beautiful beaches. In total, there are 42 different spotless beaches with golden sand and blue waters. From personal experience, I warn everybody to use a lot of sunblock because the sun is very strong and I suffered from sunburns. Don't forget to stay long enough in the beach to watch the sunset because it is simply perfect and a great time to relax. For all of those who are fans of sea food, Floripa is heaven on earth. Floripa is known to have the best sea foods such as fish, oysters, shrimps, crabs, lobsters, etc. Even though I am not a very big fan of seafood like my parents, I just couldn't stop eating. I'd never eaten such good seafoods in my life. All the adrenaline filled activities may not be good to go right after eating so much but they are sure very exciting! These activities include parachuting, surfing, and etc. Floripa matches everybody's taste and style, from great hotels to fun activities.
Florianopolis is a very calm and safe city, so all of you looking for a place to relax and get a good tan, I assure you that this is the right place. Florpa will certainly reach all your expectations and create a remarkable experience, at least it did for me.