Thursday, March 25, 2010

New Zealand

After representing this country in BRAMUN last week, I got curious to know more about this city and found out it is surely a great vacation destination. One of the main reasons to visit is New Zealand's extraordinary landscape and natural beauty. It's varied landscapes include mountains, lakes, fjords, alpine glaciers, volcanos, geysers, valleys, and etc. The varied landscape offers the tourists several natural attractions such as bungee jumping, swimming through caves, skydiving, mountain biking, rafting, and others. Many of The Lord of the Ring's trilogy was filmed in the amazing landscapes of New Zealand, which introduced it's beauty to the whole world. The Marlborough region in New Zealand produces one of the world's finest wine, the Sauvignon Blancs. The productions of wine is constantly growing, which makes this city a great place for those who appreciates wine. Another great attraction New Zealand offers the tourists is called the Whale Watch, where the tourist is able to see whales and a variety of other marine mammals in the South Pacific Ocean encircling the islands. It certainly looks like it would be very fun to see these huge animals right in front of you, I would not know whether I had to be scared or excited. Food is also known to be amazing due to the city's fertile soil and fishing. The foods are healthy and there is a large variety for different people.
Before this research, I knew very little about this city but now it has become one of the places I want to visit one day.

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Friday, March 19, 2010


Stockholm attracts several tourists around the world because you can have the perfect view of Sweden. Everything about this city has the authentic Swedish feel, such as its old architecture, colorful buildings, cobblestone streets, and etc. Stockholm has the ideal structure that many cities should have; there is no cramped and stressful feel that many big cities have because although there are many buildings, it is balanced with green spaces and less pollution. Because of this structure, there are many outdoor activities. You can either explore the city by bikes or on foot. There are bike paths everywhere, and bike rental programs are located practically everywhere for the tourists. Walking is just as fun because you can easily go to one place to another. My friend, Ida Palmgren, has already been there and said it is a very entertaining and beautiful city to visit with your whole family. By her words, it really sounds like a wonderful place and I surely want to visit one day.

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Sunday, March 14, 2010


Dubai has developed into one of the most fascinating countries and is rapidly becoming a very notable holiday destination for many. Architecture is one of the most popular reasons to visit Dubai; all buildings are modern and gives a futuristic feeling. From the pictures I saw, it looks exactly like how I imagined the future to be, the constructions are extremely beautiful such as the Burj Khalifa skyscraper, Burj Al Arab Hotel, Jumeirah Beach Hotel, the twin Emirate Towers, the Dubai Gulf & Yacht Club and etc. Each and every building is unique and breathtaking. Another reason to go to Dubai are the luxurious hotels and resorts offered. This city is known to have the best hotels and resorts, for example the Burj Al Arab Hotel that has 7 stars. People in Dubai are also known to be friendly, making your stay much more pleasant. Dubai is filled with entertainment as well. Firstly, there are beautiful and perfect white beaches where you can enjoy Dubai's warm weather and relax. There are also dune safaris you can visit, it is meters of piles sand and known to be a great site. And for those who loves adventure, the world's largest indoor ski slope is available. Shopping is another factor that attracts several vistors, stores can be easily found.
I really want to visit this city that everybody is talking about now. It sure does look like a great travel destination.

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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Belo Horizonte

Belo Horizonte is Brazil's third largest city and also a wonderful city. I was introduced to this city by Raphaella Faria last year when we went there to attend her 15 year old party and we visited some places in our 10th grade WOC. Although we only stayed about 2 days the first time, we were able to see how Belo Horizonte is a beautiful, calm and fun city. Firstly, Belo Horizonte offers many places to go sightseeing. The most famous place is called The Pampulha Lagoon and the building around it, which we saw in the last day of our WOC trip. Right besides it, you can see the Mineirão, the soccer stadium, and the Mineirinho, the city's multi-sport arena. Another famous area is called the Américo Renê Giannetti Munipal Park, whch is the city's first public park. It is the perfect place for those who just wants to walk around with some company. People in Belo Horizonte are extremely fashionable and so, there are many places where you can go shopping. The mall my friends and I went to there looked very much alike the malls we see here in São Paulo. A factor I liked about this city is that it is very calm and at night you can see many of the stars that you can't see in São Paulo.
Belo Horizonte is a very beautiful city, and I certainly had lots of fun both in the party and sightseeing. I look forward to go back to this city one day.