Thursday, August 27, 2009


The capital of France, Paris, is without question one of the top 10 places to visit. Paris is simply beautiful, and its beauty can be found in every place you go. Paris is the place most famous and beautiful architecture is found such as the world famous Eiffel Tower by the Seine River. Other amazing architectures located in Paris are the Notre Dame and the Arc of Triomphe. Every detail of these 3 architectures are flawless. For art lovers, Paris becomes the haven because of the many museums and galleries. The most famous museum is the Louvre, where you can find the famous Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci. Louvre is so big that 1 or 2 hours is not enough to see all the paintings, by doing a complete tour in Louvre you have done enough exercise for the day. At least I got very tired after so much walking. But to compensate all the walking, great food and drinks are available. French cuisine is unique for the delicious food that is served to perfection. France is also very famous for their wine and other drinks. There are a huge choice of restaurants and cafes to pick from. One thing I really loved was the macarons, which are french sweets. They come in various flavors, and all of them are simply delicous! Another reason to visit Paris is because you can have a glimpse of the past by visiting historical places like the Palace of Versailles, which is absolutely wonderful. Shopping and entertainment is something that can't be left out. Champs-Elysee is a great place to go shopping without spending so much. Paris is so much fun, I wish I could go back. I can't think of anyone that wouldn't enjoy Paris.

Friday, August 21, 2009


Rome, the capital of Italy, is probably one of the most popular and beautiful place to visit. Also known as the "Eternal City", Rome has incredible antique arquitecture, mouth-watering foods and drinks, amazing art and shopping. From my experience, it is impossible get bored in Rome because there are so many places to visit and foods to eat. Top places you should visit in Rome are the Vatican, Colosseum, Pantheon, all the beautiful fountains and squares such as the Trevi Fountain, and all other arquitectures not mentioned. They are all unique and extraordinary in thier own way, even the buildings that are not famous or important are stunning. When you say Rome, pasta and pizzas are probably one of the first things that come to your mind. You can taste the true italian food in Rome and they are with no doubt, delicious. There are so many types of pizzas and pastas that you take about 20 minutes only reading through the menu. I've spent 6 days in Rome and didn't get the chance to taste them all. The arts in Rome are breathtaking, every museum you go there are different types of art. The most famous museum is the Vaticans Museum. I think this reason is mostly for girls, but shopping in Rome is the best! You can just walk through one long street (Via del Corso) and you find all the stores you can imagine.
You could live your whole life in Rome, and not a day in your life you'd have nothing to do. If I had to describe Rome in one word it would be PERFECT! Rome is certainly a city you must visit before you die.