Sunday, February 28, 2010

Las Vegas

"What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas". This is probably one of the most famous quotes known and for those who have watched the film 'The Hangover' knows that everything can happen in Las Vegas, from a broken tooth to a tiger in your bathroom. It is probably not the best place to go in our age, especially because we're not allowed in many places. But my friends and I've decided that as soon as we are 21, we are certainly visiting Las Vegas. For those who loves to gamble, Las Vegas is the perfect place. One thing that doesn't lack in this cities are casinos, which are open all night long for those who wants to have a good time and earn money if you are lucky! Nightlife in Las Vegas is also considered to be the best. It is the kind of place that can make you stay awake all night long. But after the busy night, it is always good to have a great place to relax. In Las Vegas, there are luxurious themed hotels such as the Excalibur, Sphinx of Giza and Luxor. Besides from all the partying, there is also activities to do as a family. You could go on a sightseeing tour of the Grand Canyon and see its immense size. Las Vegas also offers many shows and events for everyone. It has one of the best musical and theatrical shows in the world such as the Blue Man Group. It is also recommended to visit the Circus Circus, which is the world's largest circus and carnival. As you can see, Las Vegas offers activities for everybody so that all visitors may have the time of their lives. When I have the appropriate age, it is probably the 1 city I will visit together with my friends!

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Friday, February 19, 2010


2010's Winter Olympics' host is known to be one of the top 10 cities to visit. One of the reasons why you should visit Vancouver is because of its natural beauty. Vancouver has a great urban environment but at the same beautiful nature. Stanley Park, Burnaby Mountain and Grouse Mountain are some of the many parks, mountains, beaches and great views in this city. Vancouver is the perfect city for those who are fans of outdoor sports. Skiing and snowboarding in Vancouver can't be beat, which is why it was chosen as 2010's Winter Olympics' home. You can also go mountain-biking, hiking, kayaking, and etc. I definitely want to go skiing or snowboarding in Vancouver one day! Robson Street is the place for those who love to shop because there is wide range of stores you can chose from. Another place is the Commercial Drive where you can find many boutiques and don't forget to visit the new department store called Holt Renfrew. Food in Vancouver is also known to be delicious because they are all locally grown and produced. Those you love to eat should definitely visit Granville Island and its Public Market.
Vancouver is a place that everybody would love, from those who wants to relax to those you loves exciting sports. It is a city known to be extremely beautiful and I hope I'll be able to visit this wonderful city one day.

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Salvador, Bahia was our WOC destination in 9th grade and it was the best WOC trip we had until now. Brazil's first capital is surely a beautiful place notable for its architecture, culture and beaches. Salvador has preserved most of the historic building and we were able to see that in the Pelourinho, which is the historical centre of Salvador. Each and every building was unique and we thought it was beautiful. Salvador's culture was greatly influenced by the africans, we can see it in Salvador's cuisine, music and religion. It's cuisine is simply delicious but heavy because it is spicy and based on seafood. All the ingredients and techniques are all typically African. Acarajé and moqueca are two of the most traditional dishes. Capoeira is a mix of dance and martial arts used only for defense in a combat. Music accompanies this fight with instruments such as the berimbau, which makes it very entertaining to watch. It was dance/martial art practiced by the slaves. The religion dominating is called the Candomblé, where there is a god for each element such as the sun, wind, earth, water, etc. We visited many churches in Salvador and they were very beautiful. Apart from the historical part, we also visited some beaches where we were able to relax and enjoy the sun.
I surely had a lot of sun in Salvador, especially because I went with my friends. We visit many places from museums to beaches. Don't forget to buy the famous colorful wish bracelets when visiting Salvador.