Sunday, May 23, 2010

São Paulo

For the last post of the year I decided to write about the city we all live in right now, São Paulo. I lived here for almost 14 years and therefore I was able to see and experience the best of São Paulo. Museums and theaters are abundant in São Paulo such as the MASP. National and international art and drama/musical/comedies can be seen weekly. But for those who are not great fans of museums and theaters like me, São Paulo also offers entertainment. Oscar Freire is the brazilian version of the 5th avenue where luxurious brazilian and international stores can be found. Other great places to shop is in Daslu, Shopping Iguatemi, Cidade Jardim, and the many other malls that can be found here. São Paulo is home to many other cultures as well such as the Liberdade, which is the largest japanese community out of Japan. The many immigrants that came to São Paulo brought a little of their culture that can now be found in many parts of São Paulo. Nightlife in São Paulo is great as well if you know where to go. I believe that São Paulo is a great city to live and even if I didn't live here, I would still want to visit it.

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