Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cape Town

Cape Town, South Africa is also a city that I would want to visit especially now that the 2010 FIFA World Cup is about to start. The games, the stadiums and the soccer players would be enough to make me want to visit this city, but Michael told me that it is also a beautiful city. Cape Town is mostly known for it's amazing scenery full of natural beauties such as mountains and the beach. The Atlantic ocean surrounds the city and from all the mountains, Table Mountain is the most famous and beautiful from them all. It has this name because the top of the mountain is as flat as a table and it is enormous. According to, the scenery sets an relaxing mood so for all of those seeking for a relaxing vacation should go visit this town. It also says that it is sunny and hot till 7pm so there is plenty of time to relax on the beautiful beaches. Scenery is not the only thing Cape Town has to offer, another reason to visit this city are the old architecture. says that Cape Town is a mixture of new and old, in between modern skyscrapers we can find older buildings. Each building has a history and a unique beauty. I know Cape Town sound like a calm and relaxing place, but if you are seeking a vacation full of thrills it can be found as well. There are extreme sports such as shark cage diving, sky diving, bungee jumping, para gliding, and etc. Wine is very famous in Cape Town and there are many restaurants with foods from different cultures. Cape Town is also the home of the best hotels in the world, many of them are rated 5 stars and offers great comfort for all tourists.
I believe this city has everything it needs to make someone's vacation perfect; natural beauty, entertainment, food, and hotels. I would love to go there in June but I don't think it'll be possible.

Information from here and Michael
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