Sunday, April 11, 2010


Lisbon, Portugal had to be part of this list. It is said to be a great city for people of all generations and worth visiting. One of the reasons one should visit Lisbon are its amazing and exotic attractions over the city. According to, such attractions include the Tiepolo at the Medeiros E Almeida Museum, Tropical Gardens, Rossio Square to the Sao Carlos Theater, aquaducts, and etc. These beautiful architectures displayed throughout the city reflects on Lisbon's strong cultural heritage and shows the long history of Lisbon. Food is another major reason to visit Lisbon. This city is particularly known for its wonderful wines, which can only be found in Portugal. Seafood is the typical food in Lisbon, everything is fresh and tastes perfectly good. Besides these reasons, Lisbon is also known to offer a great night life for all generations. There are bars, clubs and even concerts that you might be interested. Climate in Lisbon is a typical mediterranean climate, summers are warm and winters are cool. All these reasons make Lisbon one of the cities I would desperately want to visit soon.

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